We develop projects
that will play a leading role
on the European scenes

Relationships and experience
are the key factors needed to
implement new project in Europe


EU-OPEN provides training for its customers and keeps them updated with the activities and programs of the European Commission.


EU-OPEN develops and manages all activities aimed at the implementing project ideas.

Relationship Management

EU-OPEN identifies partners and builds networks to face common challenges and achieve mutual objectives.

EU-OPEN is a company that provides consulting, planning, management and training activities on European institutions, in particular on the programs of the European Commission, to increase the competitiveness of Italian companies.

About us

EU-OPEN is a company that provides consulting, planning, management and training activities on European institutions, in particular on the programs of the European Commission, to increase the competitiveness of Italian companies. The company was launched in 2013, bringing together the expertise of its partners and associates who have had over ten years professional experience thanks to the presence within European institutions and projects, the cultivation of international relations and the establishment of international reputation networks. An example is the five-year SPRINTT projects, the result of a rich collaboration between important research institutes in the geriatric field, small and medium-sized enterprises and pharmaceutical companies that are members of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations.

. The latter aims to develop innovative medicines and treatments in order to improve the conditions of the elderly such as, for example, those suffering from sarcopenia (a still under-diagnosed disease that involves physical frailty: https://www.mysprintt.eu).

Also noteworthy is the participation of EU-OPEN in TECHITALY 2014, the third edition of the Italian high technology event at the European Parliament. This is an initiative aimed at promoting Italian companies and the EU’s industrial competitiveness through high-level conferences, seminars and insights on issues related to research, innovation and European and global cooperation (www.techitaly.eu).

Our Knowledge

EU-OPEN is able to establish a constructive dialogue with customers, tailored to their specific aspirations and objectives, by fully understanding their needs and making the most of their entrepreneurial potential in the light of the opportunities offered by EU programs.


Becoming part of a group built on solid trust relationships matured over time is an essential requirement in the implementation of a capable and credible transnational network. The consulting services provided by EU-OPEN include not only the identification of competent and reliable partners able to create added value in order to achieve business objectives (research and development, testing of initiatives, launch of innovative models, etc.), but also professional training support or help in deepening good practices.

Document Management

The Yammer platform is an open source tool that EU-OPEN has customized for the specific needs of its customers. It is suitable for managing all company documents and ensures easy access to them. It allows you to:

  • Constantly monitor the growth of information generated by the various partners to enable accurate and updated data management.
  • Optimize resources by identifying information and highlighting the sources that generated it more quickly.
  • Avoid redundancy and duplication of information and, at the same time, protect the information against loss or alteration by third parties, thereby keeping the contents safe.
  • Acquire and share the latest version of generated documents in real time, a function that facilitates interactive decision-making. This is a process that takes place entirely through the web, regardless of where the user is and the operating system he is using.