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EU-OPEN provides training for its customers and keeps them updated with the activities and programs of the European Commission.


EU-OPEN develops and manages all activities aimed at the implementing project ideas.

Relationship Management

EU-OPEN identifies partners and builds networks to face common challenges and achieve mutual objectives.


The consultancy activities include the drafting, review and validation of projects, their formal, document and implementation management (with the definition of the tasks and goals of the various partners and the proper allocation of resources), budgeting and administrative reporting, as well as the definition – in a concrete and realistic form – of the priorities and possibilities of planning or international business development.

The subject areas in which EU–OPEN is able to ensure high quality consultancy activities are:

  • Innovation and Research for the complete range of public health programs; clinical, bio-medical and biotechnology research;
  • Digital innovation and ICT applied to healthcare, telemedicine, home automation, social media for the empowerment of citizens, and to the challenges of demographic and social changes and the welfare of citizens;
  • Citizen health and wellbeing in all policies.

The tool on which EU-OPEN is able to offer full technical support are:

  • Programs directly related to our thematic areas of reference: Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges; Horizon SME Instrument; Ambient Assisted Living Joint Program; Health for Growth Program – Third EU Health Program;
  • Functional and support programs related to the following subject areas: Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnerships; Knowledge Alliances; Sectorial Alliances; Europe for Citizens; EaSI; COSME; Program for the Environment and Climate Change;
  • Transnational and cross-border cooperation programs.

Relationship management

EU–OPEN is specialized in the set-up of operational networks that combine different purposes but common objectives, as in the case of Public Private Partnership initiatives. The daily experience of our team consists in creating paths for a productive discussion between different institutional, entrepreneurial and civil society organizations. The challenge is to identify partners with whom to establish stable and long-term joint projects.

Being able to count on good relationship management is a fundamental condition for building solid partnerships, but also in order to think of, develop and take advantage of innovative initiatives and project opportunities.

Within the relationship management activities, the following are considered and guaranteed:

  • A good management of the expectations of both the group and each individual partner, to convey each one to the achievement of the indicated objectives;
  • A shared relationship strategy, which consists in acquiring confidentially and instilling trust in all partners, in solving organizational or communication problems, in completing and / or scheduling the assigned tasks, as well as in the correct administrative and financial management;
  • A free circulation of all information in a clear and transparent manner and the right-duty of constructive criticism for each partner;
  • Confidentiality and privacy of information, guaranteed by signing a code of conduct.

If the collaboration experiences turn out to be positive, today’s partner can remain loyal and become a partner in the future as well.


EU-OPEN provides training, information, disclosure and awareness activities regarding the role of European institutions, their strategies and programs and the specific lines of action through which they intend to strengthen security policies, well-being and growth of citizens, by promoting access to and participation in the main funding programs launched by the European Commission.

The EU-OPEN team has special expertise in training, in particular with regard to planning issues and, more generally, to the history of the institutional framework and to the functioning of European institutions. The training activities can take place at the customer’s head offices or in other locations upon request.

A solid training is a necessary condition to be a reliable partner in a European project, but also to use EU direct or indirect funds and to work proper from both a procedural and administrative point of view. The training modules proposed by EU-OPEN are formulated according to the specific needs of the customer. They can be oriented to provide knowledge about how European institutions operate, as well as to make a financial ability analysis of projects. Other training modules concern the techniques for drafting a European project, as well as its budgeting, management and administrative reporting.