14 October 2015 -



EU–OPEN is taking part in the project SPRINTT.

The project SPRINTT aims to to validate an interventional paradigm for identifying at-risk individuals living in the community and evaluate innovative therapeutic interventions against physical frailty and mobility disability, through:

  1. Creating an operational definition of at-risk (sub-)populations with undisputable unmet therapeutic need;
  2. Qualification of muscular anabolism and catabolism biomarkers in at-risk (sub-) populations;
  3. Validation and implementation of practical clinical methodologies for testing clinically meaningful interventions for the screening, prevention of Physical Frailty and Sarcopenia and its complications (falls, mobility disability, hospitalization, institutionalization);
  4. Developing scientific and regulatory Consensus on these 3 strategic objectives: therapeutic indication, biomarkers and development clinical methodology;
  5. Developing a health-economic model of physical Frailty and Sarcopenia in a real life setting.

For further information about this project www.mysprintt.eu

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